How to Get XBOX LIVE CODES/GIFT Cards without paying?

We found a f*cking easy way to get Xbox Live Codes/Gift Cards. If you wanna use it just follow the next steps:

  1. Go to here.
  2. Complete all steps what are required.
  3. That’s all. Enjoy your Xbox Live!

What is Xbox?

Xbox Live is Microsoft’s online service for gaming and content distribution for the Xbox and Xbox 360 and Xbox One videogame systems.

Xbox Live allows you to play games against other people online as well as download demos, trailers, and even full games in the Xbox Live Arcade. You get to choose a nickname (called a Gamertag) which is how you will be known to other people in any games you play. You can keep friends lists in order to keep in touch with real life friends or new people you meet online you like to play with.

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